Interview with Nagasawa Tomonori

Nagasawa he is a writer who interviews bands, but he also writes reviews and articles. He is a writer who enjoys to write about any type of music!

長澤さんはバンドへのインタビューを行う作家であるが、レビューや記事も執筆している。 長澤さんはどんなタイプの音楽についても書くことを楽しむ作家です!

Interview with BELLMONDO

A bandholic bassless trio band. Their sound is reminiscent of alternative/post-punk/post-shoe gazers. Mainly active in Tokyo area.

バンドホリックな3人による思いつきベースレス・トリオ。オルタナティヴ/ポストパンク/ポストシューゲイザーを彷彿とさせるサウンド。 都内某所で活動。

Interview with NEiN

NEiN is a mixed feeling band, they can be seen as non-visual but also as an visual kei band. Their sound is mixed with rock and metal elements and time to time might even a slight taste of pop. All songs they pour out will touch our heart, if you are searching for a band with a perfect taste of beats, surely don’t forget to check them out.

Interview with THE VACK’S

THE VACK’S has been active for 10 years. They have released 3 CDs and performed a lot of lives. Slowly they are getting more and more popular, and stand aside of a few famous “rockers.” If you think of recent ojisan Japanese rock music, you can’t miss THE VACK’S! 

“Never give up! You still can do it!”

Interview with Sunemegamafy

SUNEMEGAMAFY, a decent good rock band.

Vocalist Tomo ex-Japanese Babies is a wonderful amazing vocalist, who brings songs to life. Also those who follow him, notice that a bunch of songs are born in the Japanese Babies time, yet are still timeless.