NEiN did start at 206/03/31 as a 5 member band, at 2017/09/02 ba. ena did leave the band and the band decided to go on a little break and at 2018/01/06 the band will restart their activities again at  Takadanobaba Club PHASE. Also the band will hold own sponsored events  at Ikebukuro Chop once a month from March until May and  will be follow with a one man at 2018/06/16 at Ebisu Club Aim which is named 「6th OF YOU」.
The name NEiN is maybe a bit negative but also out of negativism people can get strenght, the band plays strong visual rock from out the heart.

Vo: eisuke @eisuke_gp 
Gt: 舜 @shun_thefuzzbox 
Gt: 健太 (kenta)
Dr: 拓馬 @takuma_nein 

Upcoming lives
・2018年1月06日(土)   眩惑庭園 主催4MAN公演 @高田馬場Club PHASE
・2018年3月03日(土) 「Far East Butterfly Vol.2」@池袋手刀
・2018年4月21日(土) 「Far East Butterfly Vol.3」@池袋手刀
・2018年5月26日(土) 「Far East Butterfly Vol.4」@池袋手刀
・2018年6月16日(土)  ONE MAN SHOW「6th OF YOU」@恵比寿club aim

2016.06.25 [2曲] 廻-kai-/未来
2016.09.07 [1曲] 霖の痕 | itunes release
2017.01.11 [6曲] DeRACINE

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